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From the time immemorial the profession of healers has been considered as one the noblest professions of this world. Man's fight against disease has always been untiring efforts from some of most dedicated human that ever lived on this earth. Today, the team of 'ach' re-dedicates itself to the noble cause of alleviating the medical sufferings faced by humanity.

The team headed by Dr. Dhiraj Nanda consists of qualified post-graduates homoeopathic doctors from Sonajirao Kshirsagar Homoeopathic Medical College, Beed, Maharashtra, India.

About Dr. Dhiraj Nanda

Dr. Dhiraj Nanda is qualified practitioner of homoeopathy. He completed his B. H. M. S (B'ach'elor of Homoeopathic Medicine & Surgery from Nehru Homoeopathic College & Hospital, New Delhi, India) in 1993. He further completed P. G. D. E. E. (Post-Graduate Diploma in Ecology & Environment from Indian Institute of Ecology & Environment, New Delhi, India) and went on to do his M. D. (Doctor of Medicine in Homoeopathy from Sonajirao Kshirsagar Homoeopathic Medical College, Beed, Maharashtra, India) in 2007.

He is visiting Prof. for MD courses S. K. H. Medical College, Beed, Maharashtra, India. Apart from Homoeopathic college at Beed, Dr. Nanda has been conducting clinical training programs, seminars and workshops for young homoeopathic practitioners and students at homoeopathic colleges of Latur, Parbhani, Ahemadnagar, Jaisinghpur, Sholapur, Khamgaon, and Akola.

Dr. Nanda is ex-editor, La Medica, a medical monthly and has been a member editorial board - Advent of Homoeopathy & Similitude (Homoeopathic journals).

Since 1993, Dr. Nanda has authored 12 books on homoeopathy. These are

  1. Practical Homoeo Treatment of Asthma (1993);
  2. Homoeopathic Therapy for Living with Allergies (1995);
  3. Homoeopathic Therapy for First Aid (1995);
  4. Homoeopathic Therapy for Pollution Related Diseases (1998);
  5. Indian Mother Tinctures in Clinical Practice (1998);
  6. Mother Tinctures in Clinical Practice (1998);
  7. Homoeopathic Therapy for Head'ach'es & Migraines (1998);
  8. Coauthor Rep+Mat Series - Urinary Organs(1998);
  9. Coauthor Rep+Mat Series - Enuresis (1998); and
  10. Coauthor Rep+Mat Series - Cough & Cold (1998).
  11. Miasms and Mind (2007)
  12. Miasms and Mind Rubrics (2007)

Dr. Dhiraj Nanda has presented numerous papers at National and International level conferences and seminars and also has authored numerous articles for different journals and newsletters. He conducted a clinical research OPD at Nehru Homoeopathic Hospital on Asthma (1992-1993). He worked on role and scope of Homeopathy in environmental health with special emphasis on Pollution Related Diseases during the P.G.D.E.E. thesis.

Awarded & Recognitions to Dr. Dhiraj Nanda

  1. Recipient Award of Honour, April 1997, Dr. Hahnemann's Birthday Celebration Committee, Jalandhar, Punjab;
  2. Nominated for Man of the year -1997 by American Biographical Institute, Inc. (Vide letter from CEO of ABI dated June 6, 1997);
  3. Name included in the 7th edition of International Directory of Distinguished Leadership by the editorial board of ABI (Vide letter dated September 27, 1996 from editorial director);
  4. Biographical note published in Reference Asia: Asia's Who's Who for Men & Women of 'ach'ievement (Vol. IX, Page 553);
  5. Indo-American Who's Who (Vol. I Page 439); and
  6. Indo-European Who's Who (Vide letter dated 13/Jun/95 bearing reference No. IE - 101/95 from the publishers).

About Dr. Dhiraj Nanda's team

This team consists of:

  1. Well qualified homoeopathic doctors with a humane touch;
  2. Who have experience of treating wide range of health problems cancers to developmental disorders to neurological complications to organ failures cases to asthma and sinusitis; etc.
  3. Who have distinction of treating patients from wide range of social and professional background such as (in alphabetical order) actors, armed forces, businessmen, governments officers and employees, law enforcement agencies, lawyers, medical practitioners, politicians, scientists and researchers, te'ach'ers and professors, etc.
  4. Who regularly participate in educative and research seminars/workshops either as attending delegates or as te'ach'ers, thus keep themselves update with the latest developments in the fields of medical and homoeopathic sciences.

About Dr. Nanda's Advanced Classical Homoeo Clinics

Dr. Nanda’s Advanced Classical Homoeo Clinics are popularly known as Dr. Nanda’s Clinics is a chain of clinics providing out-patient consultation and treatment through homoeopathy to patients suffering from different diseases.

Dr. Dhiraj Nanda, a homoeopath of international fame, heads the consultation team of doctors. Dr. Nanda has experience of treating tens of thousands of patients from more than 15 countries.

Well qualified and trained team at Dr. Nanda’s clinics is competent to treat from simple to complicated diseases.

The initial case taking is done by the duty doctor at the clinic. The initial case-taking is exhaustive one and may continue more than hour or so. Initial case-taking involves details of of patient’s suffering, information about the diseases that he has suffered in the past, information about his personality, his nature and behavior patterns, his reactions to his surrounding environment etc. After this case is discussed with the senior doctor and medicine is prescribed. Dr. Nanda himself looks into each and every case-record at the earliest opportunity.  Usually, Dr. Nanda personally looks into progress of patients by interacting directly with the patient once in three-four months.

Aims and Vision

Dr. Nanda’s clinics wish to be a global institute with world–class expertise in classical homoeopathic treatment.

To provided best possible classical homoeopathic treatment at an affordable price.

To contribute back to the science of homoeopathy by engaging in diverse research and development projects.

To provide classical homeopathic treatment to certain underprivileged sections of society as part of its social and human contribution program.


Personal consultations are available in following cities:
Delhi, Hyderabad, Indore, Pune and Secunderabad.

For appointments call: 9395315268


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