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Common myths

Is homoeopathy very slow acting?

Medicine is not a magic. It will take its own time according patho-physiology of disease. Homoeopathy is not 'so' slow as it is made out to be. In last 210 plus years of its existence, homoeopathy has proved its efficacy in innumerable acute cases. Significant percentage of practice of many homoeopathic practitioners consists of acute diseases. If it would have been slow patients suffering from acute conditions will not seek homoeopathic treatment.

Is it that one has to observe numerous restrictions and precautions while undergoing homeopathic treatment?

This is a common myth. One has to follow the diet in relation to patho-physiology of the disease diagnosed. For example, diabetic patients should follow precautions and restrictions with relation to sugar and sweets. Similarly, hypertensive patients should be on low sodium diet. Apart from these restrictions based on patho-physiology of disease condition there are very few food restrictions and precautions that one has to follow while undergoing homeopathic treatment. However, for best result it is recommended that homoeopathic medicines should not be taken with food or water. One should give a gap of 10-15 minutes before and after taking the medicine.

Is it true that homoeopathy has no side-effects?

Yes, usually homeopathic medicines do not have any side-effects because the amount of drug substance in homeopathic medicines is minute making it non-toxic and non-habit forming. But this does not mean that one can take these medicines indiscriminately. Anything that is not required by the body can do harm. Remember anything that goes into human body, body's system will react to it. So, always avoid any unnecessary medication.

Is that homoeopathy initially worsens the symptoms and then gives relief?

It is not true that in every case homoeopathy would lead to an initial worsening of symptoms. In my 15 years of practice in homeopathy, I have seen some cases of initial worsening of symptoms. In most of the cases there may not be any worsening of symptoms.

Are medicines of other systems allowed to be continued while on homeopathic treatment?

This depends upon case to case. The decision to allow the medicines of other systems is taken independently for e'ach' case depending on its merits.

Why local ointments or applications are not allowed in homeopathy?

Ideally, a body that is healthy inside will be healthy outside. Even so-called external ailments respond to internal medication. Also, external applications disturb the electro-potential gradient of body causing a disturbance in its normal functioning. Hence, external applications are usually not allowed in homoeopathy.

Can diabetics use homeopathic medicines in sugar pills?

Diabetic patients can use homoeopathic medicines in sugar pills without any fear as the quantity of sucrose in these pills is very small to adversely affect blood glucose levels and glucose metabolism.

How much time it takes to cure chronic and long-standing problems?

There is no fixed time period for the duration of treatment required to cure chronic and long-standing problems. The duration of treatment requiredto cure chronic and long-standing problems depends upon many factors such as stressors operating upon the patient; duration of illness; genetics and family history of complaints; multiplicity of complaints that the patient is suffering; past history indicating non-compliant behavior; age; and individualistic response to the treatment. Experience shows different patients of the same diagnosed disease require different duration of treatment to cure chronic and long-standing problems.

Is it advisable to use an over the counter (OTC) combination product from a homoeopathic manufacturer?

Homoeopathic medicines were proved individually and not in combination. Hence, it is not advisable to use OTC combination product. The full short-term and long term effects of such combination are not known.

Disease treatment and efficacy

Is it true homoeopathy is effective only in minor health ailments and it does not work in advanced ailments where pathological (structural) changes have occurred?

Though proving of homoeopathic medicines on healthy human was stopped before any pathological changes occurred, but these studies were enough to understand the nature of pathological changes that could occur. Today, after more than 210 years of existence homoeopathy has proved its efficacy in innumerable documented cases where the action of minute doses of homoeopathic medicines has reversed the structural pathological changes. Many such cases are documented and will be document on this site with due consent from the patients.

Does homoeopathy cures every disease under the sun?

Like any other science, Homoeopathy has its own set of limitations. Not every case can be cured by homoeopathy. But one has to be optimistic about future. What is incurable today may be curable tomorrow with the advancement of the science and knowledge.

Is homeopathy meant only for chronic diseases or long standing diseases?

In last 210 plus years of its existence, homoeopathy has proved its efficacy in innumerable acute cases. It is a great alternative medicine for acute diseases. Significant percentage of practice of many homoeopathic practitioners consists of acute diseases.

Scientific basis of homoeopathy

What is homoeopathy?

Homoeopathy founded by a German doctor Samuel Hahnemann, is based on the law of similars, Similia Similibus Curentur or let likes be treated by likes. In simple words, a medicine will cure a patient suffering from symptoms which it can produce in healthy human beings. Symptoms are the basis for selecting a medicine in homoeopathy. Therefore, in homoeopathy, the name of a disease is not at all necessary in the selection of a medicine. Homoeopathy treats the individual not only the disease.

Is homoeopathy is safe?

Homoeopathy, based on natural law, is a safe system of medicine. Since the medicines are prescribed on similarity of symptoms; there are (almost) no side-effects. Secondly, medicines are given in very small doses. This further reduces the chances of side-effects. Care should be taken to avoid prolong use of any medicine as it can cause proving of the medicine.

Is homoeopathy is effective?

A. Having withstood the test of time for nearly two hundred years, homoeopathy is one of the leading systems of medicine in the world today. The valuable clinical evidence about efficacy of homoeopathy collected for nearly two centuries clearly shows homeopathy is an effective alternative system of medicine.

Is homoeopathic treatment based on scientific laws?

Homoeopathy is natural science governed by laws of nature. These laws are fixed and universal. Homoeopathy, therefore, is a part of fundamental lawfulness and orderliness of the universe. Natural laws must work, not in contradiction to e'ach' other, but in sympathy and co-operation. Universal laws of one science can be applied to another. This means that if homoeopathy is a fundamental science, or a part of a fundamental science, it must work in harmony with all the natural realms, and the laws which apply to those realms must apply also, in some degree and relationship, to homoeopathy. Biology has given us this law: function creates and develops the organ. Using inductive and deductive logic on this law we can conclude that functional changes precede the structural changes. This is precisely what has been observed during when medicines were proved on healthy humans in accordance to homoeopathic principles. So we see how a law of biology is applicable to homoeopathy. If we can apply a known law of biology we can surely apply the tested laws of other spheres of universal activity like mathematics and astronomy to homoeopathy. So, we can safely and surely conclude that conclude that homoeopathy is a fundamental science.

Is homoeopathy is merely placebo effect and faith healing?

As written above homoeopathy is a fundamental science. It has been tested time and again by scientific double blind studies that have proved beyond doubt that homoeopathy is much more than mere placebo effect. If homoeopathy was a placebo effect or faith healing it would not have proved its efficacy in cases of comatose patients, mentally retarded patients and infants.

Is it true that anybody can practice homoeopathy? Or do you require a proper training to practice homoeopathy? Is it quackery?

In many countries, homoeopathy is taught as a specialization after MBBS. Almost all the pioneers in the field of homoeopathy including Dr. Hahnemann, father of homoeopathy were qualified MDs. In India, there is a 51/2 years intensive training program at undergraduate level and 3 years Post-graduate level. During these training programs the students are imparted knowledge related to different field of human sciences such as anatomy, physiology, pathology, gynecology, surgery and internal medicine apart from the fields of homoeopathic sciences.


What are the sources of homeopathic medicines?

The homeopathic medicines are prepared from a wide range of natural sources. Everything that nature has given us is useful. Nothing is waste. Only we should know how to use the benefits of the gifts of nature. Even inert substance such as common table salt has wonderful medicinal effect and so have snake poisons. Anything occurring in nature can be used as medicine. The science of Homoeopathy uses medicines originating from the vegetable kingdom, i.e. flowers, roots, leaves and the juice; healthy and unhealthy body secretions from animal kingdom; microbes, bacteria, viruses; and naturally occurring chemicals and minerals; radiation such as sunlight etc.

How are the homeopathic medicines prepared?

Today most big MNCs use latest and standard GMP manufacturing practices. The basic method of drug preparation in homeopathy is called as Potentization that uses minute quantity of the original drug substance.

When a minute quantity is used a base to manufacture still diluted medicine, is there any material dose of original source medicine in homoeopathicpotentized medicines?

Though in low potencies of homoeopathic medicines there is detectable material dose of original medicinal source but in higher potencies there may not be any detectable material dose of original medicinal source. But this does not mean that the high potencies do not have an effect on human body. In fact, high potencies where there is no detectable material dose of original medicinal source show a different patterns from plain base when test by advanced technological methods such as thin layer paper photo-chromatography. This means that some thing remains from the detectable material dose of original medicinal source that may be known in future with more advancement in technology.

How do homeopathic medicines act?

Homeopathic medicines stimulate body to heal itself. This may be brought about by correction of:

  • Correction of nutrition gradients in the body which in turn removes dullness and weakness;
  • Correction of energy gradients in the body which turn promotes feeling of activeness;
  • Correction of blocked energy flow (ATP) pathways which in turn gives to a feeling of increase in energy levels; and
  • Correction of chemical secretions and excretions which in turn makes body functions normal.


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Medicine is not a magic. It will take its own time according patho-physiology of disease.

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