Advanced Classical Homoeopathy

Holistic add ons

Life-style Modification
It has been observed and repeatedly confirmed in practice that in many of the disease conditions modification and / or elimination dietary habits; habits related with physical activity of the patient; and behavioural responses act as complementary to the medication given providing greater benefit to the patient.

Changes in a person’s daily routine; program of diet, exercise and behavioral responses are suggested on individually on cases to cases basis, if required.

Continuing medical education refers to a form of continuing education that helps the doctors at Dr. Nanda’s to maintain competence and learn about new and developing areas of medical and homoeopathic field.

Presently CME activities are conducted as

  1. Seminars;
  2. Live clinical training programs; and
  3. Publications – books and monograms.

In future, CME activities shall also include:

  1. Online programs; and
  2. Audio-video programs.


Personal consultations are available in following cities:
Delhi, Hyderabad, Indore, Pune and Secunderabad.

For appointments call: 9395315268


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