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Report - Dr. Dhiraj Nanda’s seminar on Prescription in Acute Conditions

(One day seminar at Ahmad Nagar, Maharashtra was conducted on 08/02/09. More than 150 delegates attended the seminar.)

Seminar was inaugurated by the principal of Ahmad Nagar homoeopathic medical college, Dr. S. Pawar. Dr. Dhiraj Nanda garlanded the photograph of Dr. Hahnemann and lighted the lamp.
In the first session Dr. Nanda talked on ‘why the homoeopaths fail in the remedy selection in acute cases’. He pointed out many homoeopaths consider the symptoms of the disease in acute conditions and not the symptoms of patient. This is one reason why these homoeopaths fail. After this Dr. Nanda presented couple of cases from his practice to illustrate miraculous results with classical homoeopathy.

Then, Dr. Nanda talked about acute asthma and its management, warning signs of complications in asthma and remedy selection on basis of postures. He explained that patient always maintains the posture in which he feels comfortable. On the basis amelioration, Dr. Nanda divided the postures of patient into lying, sitting, and others. Then each of this posture was further sub-classified into different postures. This approach reduces the time significantly to reach a group of remedies to work with. Two-three more inputs and you can come to the acute remedy. He showed more than 40 postures of amelioration. The visual illustrations of these postures helped one and all to understand the concept easily.

During the afternoon session, acute abdomen was the topic of discussion. Dr. Nanda invited Dr. G. Mohan to assist him in talk on acute abdomen. Dr. Mohan, first talk about important points of clinical diagnosis in acute abdomen and then explained selection of remedy for acute abdomen on the basis amelioration, dividing the postures of patient into lying, sitting, and others. Each of this posture was further sub-classified into different postures.

After the talk on acute abdomen, Dr. Nanda stressed upon the importance of physical appearance in acute prescribing. He explained one can use the Thermal, Thirst, laterality & Appearance Axis which can be used when there is paucity of data / information to lead us to constitutional similimum. Applying the axis greatly reduces the number of remedies left for use to work with. For example, Hot (Thermal) + Thirstless (Thirst) + side left, then right (Laterality) + Pointed Nose (physical appearance). Here the remedy is Lachesis. Example No.2, Chilly (Thermal) + Thirsty (Thirst) + side right (Laterality) + Wrinkled general forehead horizontal face (physical appearance). The remedy can be Sepia. Example No 3, Chilly (Thermal) + Thirst night (Thirst) + side left right, then (Laterality) + Risus sardonicus (physical appearance).One can think of Nux vomica as the remedy. Example No.4 Hot (Thermal) + Thirst small quantities, for often (Thirst) + side crosswise left upper right lower (Laterality) + Pointed, peaked Nose (physical appearance). The remedy can be Verat. This axis has been already discussed last year during the workshop at Parbani on Hahnemann’s birthbay.

According to Dr. Nanda’s experience, prescribing based on ameliorating postures gives relief to about 70% of patient. Duration of relief depends upon the miasm of the patient. For long term relief / cure – one has to prescribe constitutional remedy. He concluded the seminar with a caution one has to work to get to the constitutional similimum to provide the patient a long-term relief as “THERE ARE NO SHORT-CUTS”.
(Report by Dr. Santosh Gite, Ahmad Nagar & Dr. Musheer Ahmad, Aurangabad)


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