Advanced Classical Homoeopathy

Understanding Miasms at the level of Mind through video clips

Dr. Nanda started the seminar with comparing simple observations that one experiences in day to day life like a situation where a stranger who is able to identify your child by his resemblance to you to a situation where somebody has not been able to identify this relation. Certain diseases runs in a family. You suffer from disease that no one in your family had. Brothers differ so greatly not only in their appearance but also in their behaviour in spite of being brought up in the same environment.  Two sisters suffer from totally different diseases. One may possess a trait or a taste or an attitude that may be totally different from his parents and other siblings. These and other simple things that we see around us are due to the effect of miasms. Man has a habit to attribute a cause to everything displeasing happening in our body. He searches the cause that has affected his health outside his body.  With advancement in the technology, came the time for studying disease with respect to what is happening inside our body.  Studies started from macroscopic level and then went to details of microscopic level.  On microscopic level the medical science attributed the cause of diseases to germs or microbes found by microscopic studies. Now it is being attributed to the genes, then why do identical twins have different behaviour and diseases?  Again the answer is ‘Miasms’. After introducing many day to day observations in relation to miasms Dr. Nanda explained the behavior of people at twin towers WTC during their collapse in relation to miasm with the first video clip of the seminar.

The introduction was followed by explanation of some excerpt from Dr. Hahnemann’s Chronic Diseases. Nobody is perfect. Just look and observe people around us. If we try to observe different people that we know we realize that how different are they from each other and from perfection. This is result of effect of miasms on previous generations. So we see that miasms are present in every individual. This was explained with help of video of coke for everyone.
 After this Dr. Dhiraj Nanda explained the basic traits and reactions of a mind with domination of different miasms with the help of six video clips. These clips were collected from different countries and include advertisements, campaigns, and movie clips.
 The commonest reaction to an aggressive situation in Psora is inhibition which gives rise to anxiety. The commonest personality trait of mind dominated by miasm Psora is timidity. Psora is deficiency or lack or inhibition. There is inhibition in most of the responses and expression.
Sycosis is excess and disorders of multiplication i.e. appearance is changed from what it actually should be. The commonest reaction to an aggressive situation is fear resulting in flight response. The commonest personality trait due to Sycosis is ostentation.
Syphilis is perversion and degeneration. There is perversion and destruction in most of the responses and expression. The commonest reaction to an aggressive situation in Syphilis is aggression with destruction. The commonest personality trait due to Syphilis is aggression and terror.
After explaining the basic traits and reactions of a mind with domination of different miasms Dr. Nanda talked on observing these traits. This section had another six video clips where traits and reactions of dominant miasm can be observed. This was followed by first video clip test for the gathering. The test was to find out the man with domination of Psora, Sycosis and Syphilis at the level of mind in a video clip featuring three men in restroom.
Proceeding in more details after the first test, Dr. Nanda showed the advertisement (Xbox – life is short - play more) to explain the journey of life. He further explained journey of diseases – acute & chronic. This was followed explanation of excerpt from Dr. Hahnemann’s book on chronic disease with regard to journey of chronic diseases. He further mentioned some examples of physio-pathological manifestations from Dr. P. S. Ortega in relation to miasm.

In post-lunch session Dr. Dhiraj Nanda explained of expressions of mind with domination of Psora. He explained that key word for psora is inhibition, forms the basis of all the reactions. He emphasized that at the level of mind in psora miasm it is only reaction that is inhibited and it does not make the individual deficient mentally or physically, in no way the patient is deficient structurally or emotionally. Talking on Sycosis he explained that key word for Sycosis is ostentation. Ostentation means appearing or claiming to be one thing when it is really something else. As both excess and less can be ostentious, sycosis can be both excess as well as deficient. It is presenting something different than what actually it is that gives to escapism in testing times. Dr. Nanda explained that in perversion and destruction are the key words in expression of mind dominated by Syphilitic miasm. Aggression is expression of Syphilis. Impulsive and violent expressions and reactions belong to Syphilis miasm. This section also had another six video clips where expressions of dominant miasm can be observed. This was followed by second video clip test for the gathering. This video clip was from a Hindi movie with three main characters, a student, a bus driver and a chief-minister. The test was to find out the dominating miasm at the level of mind for these three characters. This test was followed by comparison of behavior patterns at the level of mind in respect to ten common adverse stimuli (situations / reactions) in patients with domination of different miasms at mind level. During these seminars other team members Dr. Sayed Tamizzuddin, Dr. Sushama and Dr. Alkesh Agrawal presented cases treated by Dr. D. Nanda where mind symptoms were analyzed to understand the dominating miasm. Cancer of larynx, Hepatitis, Lymphangioma of left eye, Semi-comatose patient of Glioblastoma grade IV, Severe mental retardation and congenital biliary atresia were some important cases presented during the seminars.

It is an innovative method of teaching through video clips and relating them to the Miasms and how the miasms act in every part of life. Dr. D. Nanda made the delegates (students, teachers, practitioners) understand the concept of miasms at the level of mind in treating a patient as an individual.

This seminar also has been conducted in Homoeopathic colleges of Khamgaon (22/06/08), Latur (01/08/08) and Akola (27/09/08). Prior to the years 2008, this seminar was conducted in Homoeopathic Medical Colleges in Beed, Jaisingpur and Solapur.


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