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We feel it is pertinent to mention here that testimonies have been shared and displayed after consent from the patients as trust and faith are two most important aspects of doctor–patient relationship.

I started treatment on recommendation of many of my relatives who were under his treatment diabetes and heart disease. I was suffering from both. After four years of medication from Dr. Nanda’s, my all diabetic parameters are normal without any allopathic medicines for last two years.
The state of heart disease has also improved. My cardiologist is happy with improvement of my heart condition and blood pressure and considerably reduced my heart and blood pressure related medicines. I have full belief that I am on the verge of getting cure of both my problems which allopaths say can never be cured. Suryakant Sambrani,Occupation - Service

I was suffering from CRF, DM, HTN and repeated UTIs and used to get admitted in the hospital almost once a month even after stenting of ureter, for almost two years before I started treatment with D. Dhiraj Nanda. Within 12 – 14 months there was considerable improvement. There were no UTIs and stent was also removed. Now it has been 5 years, I am with Dr. Nanda and condition of kidneys, diabetes and Hypertension has improved greatly.(17/01/2009) A. Anusuya, Occupation - Service

I had with uterine fibroids along with big incisional hernia since many years. I was also suffering from high blood pressure and skin pigmentation. Dr. Nanda's, medicines have given me relief in all the above complaints. I am under medication for last ten years.
C. Niyogi, Occupation – Teacher

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------After two years of allopathic medication, I decided to give alternative systems a try. I started Yoga. It was beneficial but still I had to take the pills. My Yoga teacher advised me to start medication with Dr. Nanda's. Within six months of his medication he started tapering off the allopathic pills. Another three years down the line, my BP started remaining within normal range without any allopathic pills. He then started tapering me off his medication also. Thanks to Dr. Nanda's my high blood pressure came to normal and now it remains within normal range without any medication. Ram M. Sharma,Occupation - Service

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------My mother used to suffer from discomfort on exertion. Investigations revealed she was suffering from super high values of Triglycerides, a type of cholesterol (Hypercholestremia). She was never a fat personality. I was told that if these values do not come down she is almost sure of being a heart patient who may require cardiac surgery. Lipid profile dated 01/03/2005 showed serum triglyceride level 986mg/dl against the normal of 150 - 200.
She started treatment with Dr. Nanda, a classical Homeopath. With medicine selected on the basis of her personality, slowly and steadily the values started coming down with general improvement in her health. On 15/06/05 triglyceride level came down to 737mg/dl. On 31/05/2006 the value was 460mg/dl. And on 31/03/07 it is 305 mg/dl with total cholesterol within normal limits. (02/04/2007). S. Santosh Kumar (son of the patient)
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I consulted Dr. Dhiraj Nanda, a classical Homeopath who prescribes medicine based on personality of the patient in June 2003 with complaints of weight loss - 10 kilograms in 4 months on investigation found to suffering from Hypertension (136 / 92 mm Hg – on allopathic medication); and Diabetes Mellitus. FBS:126 / PLBS:219 (15/6/2003) FBS:125 / PLBS:290 (02/7/2003).
Dr. Nanda never used any liquid medicines like routine homeopaths. He gave only those tiny pills. After starting medicines, slowly my blood sugar came down with increase in blood pressure that also improved with coming of body pains followed by burning in urine. This was in accordance to what Dr. Nanda had foretold. My blood sugar had been normal without any allopathic medicines. I was also allowed to take sweets in moderation. After this my blood sugar increased when I was to go to US for my work. Again the blood sugar came back to normal within a couple of months. 24/03/07). T. R. Mohan,Occupation - Service
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In September 2007, I had series of problems with urinary tract infections, sciatica, nerve pain, viral infection and foot pain. I returned to India from Japan in December and came to you hoping that you would cure me of the urinary tract infection. You were very patient with me and heard all the complaints I came with. I think you perceived the major problem, which was a change in personality as a result of this series of ailments. You treated me holistically and got me feeling like my old self again. In fact, have to say I am better version of myself as I used to be…..Later, in Bangalore, I got a complete check up done which of course showed up high uric acid, high BP and acute urinary tract infection. So I want to tell you that today after just one week of medicines my fasting blood sugar is the lowest I have seen in a long time. It is 119 today and I feel so blessed to have the good fortune to be under your care. (19/02/08). Zerin Sahai
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Dr. Nanda's treatment has proved to high efficacious in control of my high blood pressure. After using his medicines for last three and half years, my blood pressure remains within normal range without any harmful allopathic medication.
Harvinder Singh Soni,Occupation - Business

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------In August 2005, I had severe pain in feet and joint that made me immobile. My family doctor diagnosed that I suffering from Gout. He gave me a tablet to be taken daily which brought down the levels of uric acid level only to increase again after Christmas. I was told to use the medicines for my complaints as and when required and be away from the non-vegetarian food that I enjoy the most. In 2006 Aril, I started treatment with Dr. Nanda's. Gradually, I found overall improvement in my complaints along with improvement in blood pressure levels. From 2006 to 2010, I have been repeatedly checking my uric acid levels. It has been within normal limits. Now I enjoy my favorite non-vegetarian food also, of course, occasionally and within limits. And I am not on any tablet for blood pressure. A. Roberts, Occupation - Business

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