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We feel it is pertinent to mention here that testimonies have been shared and displayed after consent from the patients as trust and faith are two most important aspects of doctor–patient relationship.

Our efforts to have children were futile and both of us were in mid-thirties. As a last resort, we tried medicine at Dr. Nanda's. The result is clear in our family photograph. Here, I would feel pertinent to mention two things. First, this result is in spite of having one ovary removed after a ectopic pregnancy. Second, the results are not sudden but effect of long-term medication.
V. R. Murthy & Padmavathy, Occupation – Accounts / Service
I, S. Tabassum was suffering from severe Cervical and Lumbar spondilitis. In 2006, my condition became so worse that even getting up from bed was difficult. One of my friends suggested me to consult and get treated from Dr. Nanda. Dr. Nanda's treatment proved very effective. Gradually, I started all my normal activities and got married. Later, I had difficulty in getting pregnant. Once again I consulted Dr. Nanda's. After one and half year of treatment, I got pregnant. I thank Dr. Nanda's for helping me again and again.
Shaik Tabassum, Occupation – Housewife

I am Reena, a 34-yr old from New Jersey….
After trying for 7 months, when nothing worked out, we (my husband and I) decided to see a fertility specialist since we both were 34 yrs old. US is known for fertility treatment with wide range of tests and even more-than-willing-to-help kind of doctors. However, it does sound scary when they put together all the facts in front of you and tell you about the tough tests you need to go through and the extent to which you can go to achieve your dream of having a baby. So, we started on the trail.

My husband and I went through the all the tests and all of those came out normal. The Dr then suspected that perhaps though I was ovulating, there was a premature release of egg due to high levels of estrogen hormone. So in order to set this right, he prescribed me clomid – a most commonly available medicine for ovulation. But there was another problem, I have a cyst on my left ovary which perhaps has been there for last 2 years. Now, there was this risk with clomid that the cyst could grow large and perhaps even burst leading to major problems. But, all I could do and did then was to put all the burden on God and pray that everything goes well. It worked and I conceived in the same month i.e., Nov 2008. But my happiness was short-lived since I lost it within 4-5 weeks. I was shattered. I was scared to go back to the Dr because he wanted to perform a surgery to remove the cyst. I was dismayed. I did not want to take this path again for the fear of surgery and then being put on god-knows what medication.

The only thing I did then was to pray to God (Sai Baba) to show me a way out. I spoke to my mom, aunt and my sister and they told me about Dr Dhiraj Nanda. They explained to me as to how his medicines cured the most complicated cases with as much ease. I went through his website and testimonials and read about treatment of diseases of cancer, without using conventional medicine. I spoke to the Dr and he assured me that I could get pregnant without all those allopathic medicines and also the cyst can go away on its own without having the need to perform any surgery. He strongly advised me against surgery and took down my history. Of course, first time analysis took a little longer time of 11/2 months but Dr Nanda assured me that internet cases need to be analyzed in detail and with accuracy since the patients are out of sight.

My husband and I were a little apprehensive about homeopathy approach because of the time factor. And time was the only factor we did not have in hand. But I made up my mind and decided to try this way out. After having analyzed our case, Dr Nanda sent me the medicines. He assured me that though his medicines might take anywhere from 11/2 to 6 months to start showing the effect, but the outcome would surely be positive. I just prayed to God that if Dr Nanda is god-sent for us, then surely things would turn out well. I received my first packet of medicines around the first week of Feb. It was hardly 7-10 days that I took Dr Nanda's medicines and around the same time I performed an ovulation test at home using an ovulation predictor kit and it turned out positive. This meant I ovulated normally. I conceived in the same month. Dr Nanda's medicines worked like God's blessing (Sai Baba's vibhuti) for me. My husband and I were only too happy and filled with gratitude for God and the God-sent Dr Dhiraj Nanda.

Later when I went for scans, I was told that the cyst on left ovary was still there but I noticed that size had shrunk from 4.9 cms to 4.1 cms. I am continuing to take Dr Nanda's medicines in the hope that my cyst would go away on its own now. I cannot thank Dr Nanda enough for his patience, time and willingness to reach out to his patients though they are located worldwide.
Before I conclude, I would like to state a very important fact. With clomid treatment for pregnancy, I was in a way shattered. My confidence levels dipped because I knew that the drug was being used to achieve results without actually treating the root-cause of the problem. So conceiving on my own was a doubt and question. So the root cause of problem still existed and most worrisome thing was I could not proceed without surgery.
As much as I read about homeopathy and the way it works, it actually treats the root-cause of problems without just suppressing the symptoms. This certainly gives a ray of hope and confidence that once the root problem is treated, the body would function normally in every way. And this right formulation and dose of homeo pills really works….This is how Dr Nanda's medicines worked like God's blessing for us.

Thank you Dr Nanda for all your help and support. Reena New Jersey.
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I want to thank you for all you have done for my daughter, my nephew Phiroze and myself over the years. For my daughter, you cured her hemorrhoid problem. She was also having difficulty in getting pregnant and after her visit to you she gifted us with our first grand child. Thank you Dr. Nanda. (19/02/08).

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We were Introduce to Dr. Nanda by one of my friend for the treatment of Migraine problem, my wife was suffering from. She was undergoing Allopathic treatment for her PCOD problem that time but Dr. Nanda advised us to continue with Homoeopathic medicine which will take care of Migraine as well PCOD.  Some Doctors informed us that the chances of pregnancy reduces in the case of PCOD but after taking the Homoeopathic medication from Dr. Nanda for almost one year, she could conceive and we have our first baby who is now one year young.
Now, we are in touch with Dr. Nanda for all of our problem / treatment. We really trust the way Dr. Nanda proceeds for treatment. Thanks a lot for your treatment & mental support.
(Shalini & Gaurav Mittal - 26/12/08)


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