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Testimonials - Liver – Hepatitis, Jaundice

We feel it is pertinent to mention here that testimonies have been shared and displayed after consent from the patients as trust and faith are two most important aspects of doctor–patient relationship.

We took our son, K. Sandeep Kumar for treatment of jaundice / hepatitis when his condition was critical. LFT report dated - 23/07/2004 showed very high degree of jaundice. Total bilirubin 23.8 (normal = 0.1-1.0mg/dl), direct bilirubin 18.0 (normal = up to 0.25mg/dl; indirect bilirubin 5.8 (normal =0.2-0.8 mg/dl). He started medicine after asking lots of questions about his nature and behavior. We could see the change in his condition within 10 days.
There was a steady improvement in his condition with LFT dated 05/08/2004 Total bilirubin 16.5, direct bilirubin 13.4, indirect bilirubin 3.1 and same report dated - 27/08/2004 indicating further improvement. Total bilirubin 3.8, direct bilirubin 3.4, indirect bilirubin 0.4. Soon, our son regained total health and is healthy till today. (11/04/2007)
K. Veeresham & K. Anuradha (parents of the patient), Occupation - Student

I was diagnosed suffering from Hepatitis C Virus Cirrhosis with portal Hypertension and esophageal varices with ascites and bilateral pleural effusion. The best of allopaths in the field of gastroenterology and hepatology informed me that there no cure and I had to undergo liver transplant to live. It has more than four years I am under medication selected on the basis of my personality by classical homeopath, Dr. Dhiraj Nanda.
After starting the treatment with classical homeopathy, gradually, my stamina started increasing, with normalization of six functions that body should perform regularly. I suffered with ups and downs in my condition in initial years of treatment as foretold by Dr. Nanda. But last couple of years has been relatively comfortable. (01/04/07) M. Aruna, Occupation - Housewife

I just wish to state that long standing liver disease got cured from Dr. Nanda's treatment.
Name withheld on patient's request, Occupation - Business

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I was referred to Dr. Dhiraj Nanda by my earlier homoeopath. During the course of four year treatment from Dr. Nanda's, I got greater immunity to seasonal changes, total relief from asthma and no traces of Hepatitis-C in my blood. I got cured of all the problems that I was suffering.
Shiva Kumar Occupation - Software Industry


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