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Testimonials - Psychiatric disorders – Anxiety, Compulsive disorders, depression

We feel it is pertinent to mention here that testimonies have been shared and displayed after consent from the patients as trust and faith are two most important aspects of doctor–patient relationship.

My son, Ananth, aged 28 years was under depression. One of his main symptoms was continuous walking. His disease made him walk compulsively (Compulsive disorder). He used to walk in sun or in rain. He was always walking. He used to walk up to 10 -12 hours also in days that to after putting lot of restrictions.
I was referred to Dr. Dhiraj Nanda for his treatment. For initial 4-5 visits the patient did not spoke a single word during case-taking. Dr. Nanda started medicines on his observations. He started improving gradually. After two years, he was cured of my problem.
Now he is working. From being a shy and totally introverted person, now he is into marketing job and has reached targets in job easily. (28/06/08). T. Jayaraman (father of the patient) Occupation – Student
I want to thank you for thank you for all you have done for my daughter, my nephew Phiroze and myself over the years. My nephew Phiroze has for years been a non-communicative member of our family. He did not like to converse and just hardly ever smiled. Today, he is not only smiling a lot and talking when I am in Hyderabad in person, but also calls me occasionally just to chat. The change is him is amazing. (19/02/08). Zerin

My daughter used to suffer from uncontrollable habit of plucking her hair which even used to leave bald patches. Her condition was diagnosed as 'Trichotillomania'. With no relief from any kind of treatment, we came to Dr. Nanda's as a last resort. Thank God. Dr. Nanda's method of analyzing personality and then giving medicine worked. Slowly over a period of two years her condition improved. We plan to continue the treatment as per the advice of Dr. Nanda and get our daughter completely cured. Name withheld on request of the patient, Occupation – Student

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I found difficult to cope up with the demands of family business and joint family. I was diagnosed to be suffering from depression. The medicines from Psychiatrist used make my drowsy. Soon my confidence levels started going down. So did my self-esteem. At this time, I started treatment with Dr. Nanda's. He assured of definite and gradual improvement. Three years after starting the treatment, our joint family and family business underwent division. It did not affect me much. Dr. Nanda's medicines gave me a new confidence levels. Name withheld on request of the patient, Occupation – Student


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