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We feel it is pertinent to mention here that testimonies have been shared and displayed after consent from the patients as trust and faith are two most important aspects of doctor–patient relationship.

I was suffering from vomiting and diarrhea in 2005 that did not respond to usual medications. Investigations carried out revealed that I had a tumour in my stomach. Biopsy done on 07/12/2005 reported that I am suffering from 'adenocarcinoma' of stomach. I started homoeopathy with Dr. Nanda's Advanced Classical Homoeo Clinic. Today after seven years I am healthy with considerable improvement in my condition as shown by various investigations including tumor markers.- P. M. Lal, Occupation - Retired

I developed some whitish layer inside my mouth which did not allow me to open mouth completely. As I am above eighty years of age I did not wanted to undergo any tests. The condition was clinically diagnosed as leukoplakia, a pre-cancerous condition for I was told that the treatment may be surgery and chemotherapy. I opted for Dr. Nanda's and within in a year my condition has become normal.
Rajeshwari, Occupation - Housewife


I was suffering from Glioblastoma (Brain Cancer) which had been causing severe headaches and and vertigo. Since it was in advanced stage, it was removed. I was informed by the neurolo- oncologist that there are chances of recurrence in near future. I consulted Dr. Dhiraj Nanda, who had successfully treated my mother for chronic renal failure. I am on medicines seleceted on the basis of my personality. It has been two years, as MRI scan done repeatedly; there has been no recurrence till date.
A.Jaganmohan, ccupation - Business

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My mother was suffering from breast cancer. We consulted two different oncologists. According to both of them, given her present condition she expected to survive a couple of months. This was in the year 2001-2. During same time I was recommended to try treatment from Dr. Dhiraj Nanda, a classical homeopath. He explained that the body will cure this kind of destructive disease by increase in nondestructive symptoms that my mother has to bear with. This she did. And now it has been more than four years, my mother is still with us. (21/03/07) - Vinay Mathur (son of patient)

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------We brought our mother Late smt. Kishni Bai who was suffering from stomach cancer to Dr. Dhiraj Nanda after being referred by a friend whose mother, a breast cancer patient found good relief under classical homeopathic treatment of Dr. Nanda. Allopathic doctors were of the opinion that my mother had only a month or two. At this stage Dr. Nanda explained to me that body will first try to normalize six daily functions of appetite, thirst, stools, urine, sleep and sweat. Secondly, body show signs of improvement in the symptoms of destructive first, then nondestructive disease, with an increase in the symptoms of nondestructive disease. My mother showed improvement as told by Dr. Nanda. From bed ridden stage, she lived for three more years doing her normal day to day work without any help from anybody. Thanks to classical homeopathy not only she lived more, the quality of life also improved greatly. (13/03/07) - Ritash & Bhupal (sons of the patient)
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The diagnosis of brain cancer, grade IV Glioblastoma, totally shattered me. After removal of part of brain that was affected and chemotherapy, my life became pathetic. I was recommended to try homoeopathy with Dr. Nanda's for after effect of cancer and surgery and chemotherapy. Dr. Nanda pointed out that it was not possible to cure at this stage as his medicines cannot regenerate the part that has removed and thrown out but quality of life and life-span will improve. And it was achieved after medication from Dr. Nanda's.
Name withheld on request Occupation – Housewife

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I was suffering from cancer of voice box in throat (carcinoma larynx). I was suffering even after allopathic treatment and radiotherapy. The CT scan dated 29/03/04 showed diffused thickening in the epiglottis, ary epiglottic folds, vocal cords and in the soft tissues of the glottis especially in the posterior aspect. As foretold by Dr. Nanda as my cancer symptoms like hoarseness of voice, difficulty in swallowing improved I suffered from cracks on skin with severe itching for about 8-9 months, joint pains and to my pleasant surprise my CT scans done on 24/ 07/2006 and on 16/07/08 are completely normal
M. E. Rabinder ,Occupation - Retired
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------From 2007, I had been suffering from bleeding from mouth on clearing my throat. After scans and bronchoscopy, one of the leading hospitals in Hyderabad diagnosed my condition as adenoma in right lung and doctors told me that right lung has to be removed. For second opinion, I consulted one of the leading hospitals for cancer treatment at Mumbai. I underwent the treatment suggested but it was of no use. In mid 2008, I consulted Dr. Nanda's. Dr. Nanda explained to me that condition is abnormal reaction of body, like allergy, which he called autoimmune response of body. I found result with Dr. Nanda's. Now I am not having any bleeding problem. Dr. Nanda's cured it. - K. Nagraj, Occupation – Service
I used to have severe headaches. MRI scan revealed that I was suffering from brain cancer. Immediately I underwent surgery for removal of tumor. I was told that Glioblastoma that had tendency of recurrence. Immediately, I started treatment with Dr. Nanda who is reputed for such cases. Initially MRI scans were done on 6 monthly basis to monitor my tumor for recurrence. Now MRI scans are done on yearly basis. There has been no recurrence. - Name withheld on request Occupation - Business


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