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Testimonials - Respiratory

We feel it is pertinent to mention here that testimonies have been shared and displayed after consent from the patients as trust and faith are two most important aspects of doctor–patient relationship.

For the last several months I had been suffering from very heavily blocked nose. I consulted many allopathic doctors including some of the most experienced ones but my condition did not get better. My problem was so acute that I was unable to sleep. After lying down my nose would get so blocked that I was able to breathe only from my mouth. CT sacn PNS revealed huge nasal polyps and I was told surgery is the only solution to my problem.
Cauterization provided only temporary relief. In short my condition was appalling with total lack of sleep and rest due to nose block. One of my friends referred me to Dr. Nanda's. Slowly my condition started improving and I am now a much relieved person. Kashinath, Occupation – Bank Officer
I was suffering from repeated cold-cough and upper respiratory tract infections with breathlessness, diagnosed as bronchial asthma / asthmatic bronchitis. Allopathic medicines did not provide any long-term relief. Same was the case with normal homeopaths. Two homeopaths that I tried declared that I have to be on medication off and on as and when complaints reappeared or aggravated. That was about 6 years back. Then I consulted Dr. Dhiraj Nanda, a classical homeopath. He informed that body cures within outwards; from more important organ to less important organ, and from destructiveness to non destructiveness. My condition slowly started improving, stamina increased, and with disappearance of respiratory symptoms I got skin symptoms. Skin symptoms disappeared downwards as foretold by Dr. Nanda. Now I am free from all problems for last three years. Recently I had gone to UK. In UK, with sub-zero temperatures also I did not have any problem. I know this due to advanced classical homeopathy. (02/04/07) Pramod , Occupation - Software industry
My son, Charanjyot, was repeatedly suffering from colds and coughs. Investigations done on date 02/09/2004 revealed that he was suffering 'interstitial chest infection left lower zone'. When his condition did not improve even after two month after the diagnosis, the allopathic specialist doctor treating him referred me to Dr. Nanda, a classical homeopath. As my son was only 5 years I wanted an urgent appointment with him. Dr. Nanda gave me appointment at 1.30 am at night of 30/12/2005. Keeping my son awake at that night was worth it. He asked a lot of questions regarding my son's nature and behavior and gave the medicine. Investigations done on 25/03/2006, three months after classical homeopathy showed him totally free from the infections. During this time he suffered from skin rashes and itching which subsided in due course of time. Since then he has been keeping healthy and active. (Father - 02/03/08) - Charanjyot, Occupation - Student
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------My daughter, Karishma, used to suffer from repeated colds and coughs. We were advised to get her treated from Dr. Dhiraj Nanda. She started treatment in 2004 from Dr. Nanda's. By 2007 she got completely cured of her tendency for repeated colds and coughs. Last three years she has not had any significant problem (Mother). Karishma, Occupation - Student

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------My son, Md. Yunus was a patient of repeated throat infections. Three years of treatment with Dr. Nanda's was very effective and he got over his problem totally. (Father) Md. Yunus Occupation - Student


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