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Testimonials - Leucoderma / Vitiligo

We feel it is pertinent to mention here that testimonies have been shared and displayed after consent from the patients as trust and faith are two most important aspects of doctor–patient relationship.

I started treatment for white patches on face from Dr. Dhiraj Nanda in 2004. I thank Dr. Nanda's that my patches gradually faded and finally disappeared. Now, I am happily married with 2 year old daughter with no white patch anywhere on the body.
Vasuki, Occupation – Beautician

I still shudder to think of the day when I first noticed a white patch on my finger. To my horror within a month couple of patches started showing up on the other parts of the body. I was perplexed and horrified! Why this discoloration of my skin? I was at my wit's end. It was bad news for me as I was told that these patches spread rapidly. And so it happened. Advises, suggestions and warnings started pouring from people around me.

I was in the worst state of mind until I met a friend of mine who boasted of her complete cure from chronic from Dr. Nanda's treatment. I too had heard about Dr. Nanda but, honestly, I was too hopeless to expect a cure. I was reluctant to take an appointment as I was sure that there is no cure for my white patches and despair and depression caused by it. But all my gloomy and ceased on my first interaction with Dr. Nanda. My confidence and trust increased with each visit and interaction with Dr. Nanda. Believe me after few months, I started finding some positive changes as patch on my ear started fading.

Today, it is three years down the line my white patches have started fading one by one, slowly but surely. Well I know as Dr. Nanda says it is waiting period as cure for leucoderma is very slow.
Yes, I believe that my ailment is strong but my faith in you Dr. Nanda's is stronger.
Urmi Majumdar, Occupation – Teacher
Our son developed discolouration of skin for dermatologists' treatment proved ineffective. We were referred to Dr. Nanda's by our relatives. Initially, there was no change but after about six months or so we could see improvement of the topmost patches on head and face. Today, after more than two years the patches on head and face have completely disappeared. As foretold by Dr. Nanda as the topmost patches on face and head disappeared, the patches on other parts of increased. The cure of patches is following the direction of above-downwards as foretold by the doctor. Name withheld on request ,Occupation – Student

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